About Nichole

Hello Everyone,  

My name is  Nichole or as everyone calls me “Nik”. I was born and raised in Southern California and now I live in upstate New York. 

As a lover of animals, I took the path for me to become a Professional Dog Trainer as the main trainer for Bella’s K9 Training & Pet Care. I LOVE what I do. It’s my passion. I opened Buddy’s Kitchen Dog Treatz in 2012 where I make all natural treats for dogs to keep them happy and healthy. Expanding my knowledge to Pet Nutrition, I then gained a following to help pet owners provide the best nutrition to help their pets thrive.

Since 2008 I have been designing websites learning on my own through trial and error. PixelGal Designs was born January 2017.

I am what they call a “jack of all trades”. I feel lyfe is too short to do ONE thing for the rest of your lyfe.   

I write about my lyfe as a Butterfli. I have lived in many different places and I learn about lyfe as I go. From California to Utah to Texas and now Upstate New York and my many travels in between. I’m a Southern California girl with wings and Love, my wonderful husband, is from Upstate New York. We have a shared admiration for traveling and great experiences. Where the wind blows us next….who knows but we will be excited to find out.

Thank You for stopping by my Blog to read My Thoughts