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My Love of Pets

I grew up an avid animal lover. My parents made sure there was always a pet in the home and I must say that helped to shape my character. First learning responsibility then compassion and finally unconditional love. Dogs were always the main pet in the home at any given time. My dad has this unbelievable love & respect for dogs and he remains the Alpha. I first learned from my father the strength of a canine and the amount of respect that is given to understand the canine psychology.

I then took this amazing learning experience my father provided and turned it into my career of a Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant. The animal industry was something me parents talked to me about, knowing their daughter better than I knew myself, urging that I look into a profession with animals. Training dogs came natural and my heart grew bigger than it was before.

I have now been training dogs for 10 years. My clients, both human and canine, have become of such importance to me. Helping humans communicate with a dog is my passion. After all we all just want to be heard and understood.



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