Home Decor

Interior Design

My major in college was Interior Design. My first interaction with home decor and design was working with my father. He is a finished carpenter and has this amazing innovative style his clients cant resist. I’ve been going to work with him since I was 6 years old and watching him work definitely had a positive affect on me.

When I was 15, while at work with my dad over summer break, I noticed there was a design flaw in his clients kitchen and pantry. My dad looked at me and asked me “What would you do to fix this design flaw from the interior designers that failed to please their client?” I took a full step back, thought about the problems at hand and came up with a solution in 5 minutes. My dads clients were delighted to take on my resolution and my dad was more than happy to complete the task. Later that day my dad said to me “I think you need to think about Interior Design as a college major.” Since that moment I was hooked and I worked hard to get into the best college program to teach me what I needed to learn to be the best Designer.

After high school I spent 2 years traveling and working to gain a better perspective of real life and all it had to offer. Those were the best two years of my life. In 2003 I enrolled at a community college that offered the most comprehensible Interior Design program. I quickly excelled in my classes and my professors took notice. I was fortunate enough to find a Design firm to hire me as an intern. It was at this firm where I realized my true love for design but came to a decision that being an Interior Designer was not my true path in life. So I put up my pencils and pad and kept searching.

Then I found Dog Training



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